Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

This 2-day workshop enables you to run Laughter Yoga Sessions as a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.


- Learn how Laughter Yoga works
- Learn how to run a Laughter Yoga session
- Bring Laughter Yoga to your workplace
- Improve your wellbeing
- Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate

Laughter Training 1:1

This powerful 8-week program will help you to
welcome laughter in your life.
Commit to your personal Laughter Coaching with
everyday calls and a weekly 1-hour VC.


- Online, individual, effective
- How to implement laughter in your every day life
- Experience the Power of Laughter
- Improve your health
- Build Resilience

Laughter Training for teaching professionals

Participate in the Happy Teachers Success System, my online course for teachers. I also offer in-house training and workshops for teaching professionals.


- 1 hour Laughter Yoga Sessions
- How to implement Laughter Training in your school
- Improve your students learning performance
- Workplace wellbeing
- Personal/professional development
- Resilience and stress reduction

My name is Katrin Marras and I am Australia’s leading Laughter Linguist.

I help high-performing professionals like you to bring more laughter in your life. Learn how to use The Language of Laughter as a powerful tool to reduce stress, build resilience, enhance learning performance and improve health. Experience the Power of Laughter with me and continue to build a happy and healthy life that you love!

My motto:

Everyone can learn and live through The Language of Laughter!

Are you a teacher?

This is your chance to boost your teaching.

The Happy Teachers Success System launch phase has started.



Katrin Marras
+61 490 338 750

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