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Hey there fellow teacher,

Are you ready to transform your life as a teacher and make learning easy for your students?

Perhaps you are...

X stressed.

X struggling to keep your students motivated.

X experiencing health issues.

X feeling drained and tired.

X lacking ideas and creativity.

X teaching text book content.

X unsure if you want to keep working as a teacher.

X having trouble seeing learning results in your students.

X having disputes with students and colleagues.


You are not alone. I was just like you.

I tried to find a work-life balance by doing lots of sports and denying the fact that I was stressed. I had colds almost every month. Even though I had good relationships with my students and colleagues, I was not satisfied with my student's learning performance. They forgot everything we had practised and despite having done with them every unit of the course book, they wouldn't connect with the content. I was out of ideas and I was doubting my own ability as a teacher. 

Don't let the everyday hustles destroy your passion for teaching.

Choose to laugh!


The Happy Teachers Success System is not about becoming a funny person. Teachers are not clowns. Yet laughter is key, because emotions lead to learning. 

Laughter is a skill that everybody has already, we just don't make use of it. You might laugh a lot in your life, but do you laugh for 5-10 consecutive minutes? That's what it needs to boost your immune system through laughter.

Do you laugh when something is funny? That's great, but what if you are having a bad day? Can you laugh for no reason? Intentional laughter is a powerful tool that can be used in any situation.

This program does not teach you how to laugh, but how to embody laughter in order to unlock the positive and strong teacher within you.

Laughter Exercises can be integrated in any teaching content, so all of your existing lesson materials will still be the same. It is more of a magic add-on.

The exercises are safe for everybody to practise and no previous experience is required. From children to adults and even in a business context, your students love to feel good and have fun.

This course is professional development and self-development at the same time and it is going to be by far the most enjoyable online course that you have ever done.

Not much spare time? You can complete the course in a week or in a month, it's online and you have lifelong access. 

Are you already a happy and successful teacher? Then it's time to spice up your lessons even more with some intentional laughter so that your students will never forget how YOU made them feel. Give your colleagues the chance to follow your lead by telling them to about this course.


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Learn how to use laughter as a teaching tool and how to boost your lesson content so that your students will never forget again.

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Find support within a like-minded community of teachers. Get access to an exclusive group with weekly Q&A sessions and join a monthly live 60min laughter session.

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  • boost your health
  • reduce stress & anxiety
  • improve your immune system
  • create your laughter mindset
  • become the energized and relaxed teacher who loves life and teaching
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Follow the structured video course with lifelong access to all modules and course materials.

24 hours access

As it's an online course, you can learn at your own pace.

Certificate award

Get access to a video library full of laughter exercises, so that you never run out of ideas for your lessons.

Don’t just take my word for it!

Listen to what my amazing students say

Janni Goss

Author, Educator, President LaughWA Inc.,        French student


"It's brilliant!"

Bianca Spears

Empowerment Coach, Laughter Leader


"I remembered, because the laughter had opened our brains up."

Merv Neal

CEO Laughter Yoga Australia



Kirill Moklyuk

German student, Manager 


"It was the laughter that made quite a difference."


Questions? Do not hesitate to get in touch with me!


Is the course for language teachers only?

No. Even tough I am a language teacher and most of my examples are from language teaching, laughter training can be integrated into every lesson content.

Are live video meetings part of this course?

Not within the course program, but you will be entitled to participate once a month in a live laughter session and there will be Q&A sessions within our private fb group. Within that group you can also post your lesson templates and get feedback.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the course?

As you will have access to the course material after purchase no refunds are available. You can just enjoy the laughter and uplevel your life from there.

What if I'm not sure if this is for me?

Claim my free 3 part video series to get a first introduction to the Happy Teachers Success System and experience Laughter Training yourself.

I'm not teaching groups and mainly teach online. Can I still get something out of this course?

Absolutely. I've been teaching online since 2018 and the majority of my classes nowadays are 1:1. Laughter Training works online and offline and there is no need for a group. You will learn to choose the right exercises and how to modify them to suit your teaching style.