Laughter is a universal language

The Language of Laughter is a universal language that everyone speaks. Adults have just forgotten how to use it and our children are about to lose it, too.

About 1 in 7 Australian children and teens, aged 4 to 17, have mental health or behavioural problems, according to Mindframe

The Australian Child Wellbeing Project report, released in 2016, found 1 in 10 Australian children missed school at least once a week and 1 in 6 had been 1 in 3 students in Year 6 got so worried about homework that they made themselves sick, suffering headaches, stomach aches, dizziness and nervousness; feeling low.

Laughter Yoga offers a fun, easy and economical solution for schools and other educational institutions. Schools that have adopted Laughter Yoga into their classrooms report students become:

– upbeat
– playful
– creative
– willing to learn

There are fewer disciplinary issue and less absenteeism.

Laughter training is for teachers

But Laughter Training in schools is not all about the students: it’s for teachers too!
Australian teachers are doing it tough. A comparison of 26 occupations found:

– teachers are among the highest in self-reported work-related stress
– 6th lowest score for job satisfaction
– 2nd poorest physical health and psychological wellbeing.

As a teaching professional you will benefit from Laughter Training instantly. You will feel re-energised and motivated. On a long term basis you will improve your overall health and enhance your workplace wellbeing.

Educational settings can run laughter sessions with their staff in order to build a strong and healthy team.
Teachers may use Laughter Training as a powerful tool for their classes and improve their students learning performance and wellbeing.
Laughter Training for teaching professionals kills two birds with one stone. Trained teachers can help themselves and their students to learn and live through the Language of Laughter.

I offer in house training and workshops for teaching professionals that range from a 1-hour Laughter Session to 2-day workshops.

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