” We’re not laughing because we are happy: we are happy because we are laughing! ”

William James, American psychologist and philosopher


Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga was created by a medical doctor in India in 1995. It works on the concept that the mind can’t tell the difference between real and simulated laughter so all we have to do is put the body into a physical state of laughter and then the mind will follow. Once it does it releases a cocktail of drugs that help to cure as well as heal a variety of conditions.
The reason that we need to do Laughter Yoga is because the laughter has to be sustained for a period of between 15 to 30 minutes and must come from the belly.

Laughter Yoga Benefits

The benefits of Laughter Yoga are far-ranging.
For individuals, Laughter Yoga’s benefits can be life-changing. Businesses and organisations that support Laughter Yoga create happier, healthier hubs of humanity.

Let’s look at the key benefits.

1. Physical Health
Laughter Yoga is a gentle, yet powerfully effective, cardio workout that:

– increases blood circulation
– reduces blood pressure
– strengthens the immune system
– relaxes muscles
– energises body and brain.

2. Psychological Health
Mood plays a big part in determining your quality of life. Laughter Yoga has the power to change your mood within minutes by releasing ‘happy hormones’ called endorphins. You feel the benefits from the very first session.

The playfulness of Laughter Yoga also can help reset your outlook on life. Through Laughter Yoga, you can learn to cope better with negative situations, difficult people or upsetting circumstances.

In this way, Laughter Yoga is an extremely effective stress-buster — did you know the World Health Organisation rates stress the #1 epidemic of the 21st century? — and can offer positive complementary therapy for people suffering from depression or anxiety.

3. Social Wellbeing
Laughter is a universal language that connects people.

Workplaces, organisations and communities that practise Laughter Yoga are emotionally resilient, emotionally intelligent, caring, sharing and appreciative networks of people.

For more information on Laughter Yoga visit the website. www.laughteryogaaustralia.org